Our VRM-011 was created for vintage or café motorcycles with a classic pattern but surprisingly modern construction. Available in most vintage sizes, this tire is perfect for restoration bikes.


• Classic rib front tire for vintage or café motorcycles.

• Timeless pattern with modern compounds and construction.

• Available in most vintage sizes.

• The perfect tire for that classic restoration.

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Product Detail

Model SIZE Load/Speed INDEX F/R TT./TBL.
VRM-011 2.25-17 39L F TT.
VRM-011 2.50-17 43L F TT.
VRM-011 2.50-18 45P F TT.
VRM-011 2.75-14 35P F TT. (POSTAL)
VRM-011 2.75-18 48P F TT./TBL.
VRM-011 3.00-16 47P F TT.
VRM-011 3.00-17 48P F TT./TBL.
VRM-011 3.25-19 54P F TT.
VRM-011 3.25-21 57P F TT.


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