The VRM 191 and 192 offers an excellent, long wearing, tire for

Standard and cruiser motorcycles. The tire holds a specialized

casing that allows for better corner handling, as well as a high

load rating.


• Improves performance and handling of any 70’s vintage motorcycle

• Front and rear tires constructed with new compound

• Exceptional all weather performance

• Tubeless design, compatible with tube usage

• Sizes for most vintage metric cruisers and 70’s Superbikes.

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Product Detail

Model SIZE Load/Speed INDEX F/R TT./TBL.
VRM-191 90/90-19 52T, 52H F TBL.
VRM-191 100/90-19 57T, 57H F TBL.
VRM-191 110/90-19 62H F TBL.
VRM-191 100/90-18 56H F TBL.


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